29 January, 2018

I want a favorite color!

Most of my favorite vloggers have one, but I seem to be all over the place.  One day I love neutrals, the next it's pastels or neon rainbow things. So I thought about it all day, which was fun, but I couldn't choose one absolute favorite color. I love neutrals, but not bright white. Also grey, but not enough to say it's my favorite. Same for navy, fuchsia and cranberry. Black is great for clothes or shoes, but unless it's charcoal, I don't want any black yarn. I love sky blue, but usually only with other colors. So here's what I was able to narrow it down to...
I love any type of heathered purple. But it HAS to be heathered. Bright cobalt blue. (My favorite coffee mug is a dark cobalt). Any shade of dusky pink or rose. I call it dusky but I don't know what the real term is. There's what I call seafoam(not the correct name); a grey-blue-slate-aqua color. There's what I call coral, but when I looked it up, once again I was wrong. The Pantone color of the year from 2015 was 'Marsala' and it's close to that. I'm partial to many shades of green, and I used to always say that it was my favorite color, but there are a bunch that I don't like, so it's on a case-by-case basis. And lastly, I enjoy a good mustard....color and condiment!

21 January, 2018

I've been rolling along on my mitered squares blanket, which surprises me because when I started it, I thought I would lose my mojo for it pretty quickly(each square takes about AN HOUR), but it's looking like I might actually finish the thing! I'm falling more and more in love with it every day. The mini skeins are so beautiful, and it's fun to knit with all those yummy colors. The joins are deliciously neat and tidy where the garter rows come together at the seams, even on the reverse. Boy was I jealous of those advent calendar reveals from people's Vlogmas videos! I started off using only my own sock yarn leftovers, but I've since found the joy of mini skein shopping. Weeee. I'm going to quilt it when I'm done, and put it in my knitting corner. And hopefully my cat won't chew holes in it.
That girl near the barn is Cloud, and she's one of my characters in Stardew Valley. It's a game I've been playing for over a year now, and I must really love it, because when you log in it lets you know how many hours you've played, and my number is high enough that I'm embarrassed to tell you. It's found on Steam, and it's just too cute. You can decorate your farmhouse, grow crops, raise animals, collect things like gems or honey or wine, make friends with the villagers, go fishing at the beach, kill monsters in the mines, or hang out and play blackjack at the desert casino. All the things!

14 September, 2017

I've been sitting around knitting a bunch of squares for my attempt at a cozy memories blanket, and binge watching 'Call the Midwife'. In the last episode I watched, the nurses were knitting squares too! How exciting! It showed them knitting the squares with knitting needles, and sewing them all together so that at the end of the episode they were able to present their hospitalized friend with a lovely gift of a........

20 April, 2017

"to repair with gold"

The art of repairing pottery with gold or silver laqueur and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.

I learned about kintsukuroi today and I 💙 it.

01 December, 2016

This Willem de Kooning painting just sold for $66.3 million at Christie's in NY.
Give me a break. That's the amount of money that a well paid electrical engineer would need 947 years of full time work to earn. Think of all the other ways that that money could have been used; It's such a crying shame. I love art. If I were wealthy, I would have an art collection for sure, but if the piece of art is just the equivalent of the artists signature, or a status symbol for some rich snob, what's the point? And when I looked up the history of Willem de Kooning, it wasn't anything too impressive. He was a grouchy alcoholic, married a much younger woman who he fought with all the time, hung out with alot of dudes that later became famous, and made a bunch of extremely ugly paintings. Bah.
If you like this painting, send me the super low price of $50,000 and I will paint you an exact copy. I have no art training, yet I feel confident in my ability to do this. I'll work on it 1 or 2 hours a night, and have it to you in less than a week. If you're lucky, I will spill something on it, thus making it even more attractive. If you're super lucky, your ancestors will be able to sell it at Christie's in 100 years for $3.6 billion dollars.

08 September, 2016


I got my husband a Stumptown subscription, so every 2 weeks we get a bag of different coffee beans delivered to our apartment, and we are enjoying the heck out of it. Last year I couldn't drink any coffee because I developed a caffeine intolerance. It super sucked. I totally gave up the stuff for about 7 months, but have carefully started up again, and so far so good.
Yay Coffee!!

17 June, 2016

I've liked this song for a long time, something about it is really catchy for me...I hope you like it too!

Julius and I went to Portland's rose garden the other day to walk amongst the rows and rows of stunningly beautiful prize-winning blooms. All the different colors, sizes, scents, and shapes of roses that you could imagine. My favorite is when they grow in a cluster where if you broke off one branch you'd have an instant bouquet, but they were all gorgeous.

26 December, 2015

Normally, I knit in the living room, which is also where I keep most of my yarn and patterns and such, but I wanted a pretty spot just for knitting. I picked a corner and have begun to decorate it. I've always liked needlepoint pillows, so I added a kit (the kits are way cheaper than the finished pillows) to my Christmas list, and lo and behold, my in-laws got it for me! It's the 'Blooming Roses' kit from Ehrman Tapestry, designed by David Merry. I was excited, but I had always thought that needlepoint would be tedious to the extreme. But I got going on it, and to my surprise it's fun and easy! It's totally addictive! I've only been working on it for a day, and already have an entire rose done, as well as a large section of the background. I'll have an awesome knitting corner before I know it!