20 April, 2017

"to repair with gold"

The art of repairing pottery with gold or silver laqueur and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken

I learned about kintsukuroi today and I 💙 it

15 April, 2017

One of my favorite places to buy sock yarn is Eat Sleep Knit. I go to the website now and then to see what's available. Today when I looked, I saw that they've recently expanded the yarns they carry, and they now have Hedgehog Fibres! Yay! I've never actually knit with that yarn, but I've been wanting to, and so I treated myself to 2 skeins. Here's a link if you wanna check it out-
                                                              Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn at Eat Sleep Knit

11 January, 2017

learning some stuff

An update on my sockxperimentations!
I tried the Fish Lips Kiss heel finally and it's great. I wrote myself a vanilla recipe using it, and will most likely spend the next ten years making about 1000 pairs of them, lol. I really like the way the heel looks when another color is used on the second half...it makes a very neat line. There really aren't any holes, and the join to the main body of the sock is probably as seamless as they come. I had tried the German short row heel first, and I loved the way the extra stitches were made, and my sample looked very nice. However, when I made an actual sock using it, the holes turned out larger than in my sample, and the join to the main sock was NOT seamless...it was kinda messy. I could probably experiment more with it and come up with a way to make it work better, but since I now know the FLK heel, I don't think I'll bother.
I tried out the Arne & Carlos 'Perfect Heel'. It's very easy to knit, and my sample turned out 50% great. On the purl side where I close the gaps, everything came out wonderful. However, the knit side had giant holes and is bumming me out. Once I figure out a better way to close the holes on the knit side, it will probably be a winner for me.
Next on my heel knitting agenda is to try an afterthought heel using a modified star decrease, and to write myself a recipe for heel flap vanillas.

30 December, 2016

I've been thinking about sock heels alot lately. I want a mindless vanilla sock pattern for myself so that whenever I feel like picking up a pretty skein of yarn and busting out a sock super fast, I can do it. I have done short row wraps, but the fit isn't so great on me, closing the holes is a bit of a pain, and each side comes out slightly different. I was just watching the Arne & Carlos video on how Arne does his, but he did the purl pick-up side really fast. I think I got it, and will have to give it a try. Julia from The Happy Knitter podcast likes Fish Lips Kiss heels, and they do look nice. I bought the pattern, but was too lazy to try it since the directions were daunting and require you to make a cardboard cutout of your foot. I will though. Right now, I'm making afterthought heel socks since I finally learned how to kitchener, but I don't like the raglan decrease line that those make, and so I'm experimenting with different decreases like the 'wale deflection' one, or a psso one. If I come up with something good, I'll let you know. I love the garter short row heel, but, of course, it's in garter. I made a vanilla sock pattern where the entire back is purled to match it, but then it's not really vanilla. The German short-rows look interesting. The next pair I make, I'm gonna try it out using this video by the sockmatician.

01 December, 2016

This Willem de Kooning painting just sold for $66.3 million at Christie's in NY.
Give me a break. That's the amount of money that a well paid electrical engineer would need 947 years of full time work to earn. Think of all the other ways that that money could have been used; It's such a crying shame. I love art. If I were wealthy, I would have an art collection for sure, but if the piece of art is just the equivalent of the artists signature, or a status symbol for some rich snob, what's the point? And when I looked up the history of Willem de Kooning, it wasn't anything too impressive. He was a grouchy alcoholic, married a much younger woman who he fought with all the time, hung out with alot of dudes that later became famous, and made a bunch of extremely ugly paintings. Bah.
If you like this painting, send me the super low price of $50,000 and I will paint you an exact copy. I have no art training, yet I feel confident in my ability to do this. I'll work on it 1 or 2 hours a night, and have it to you in less than a week. If you're lucky, I will spill something on it, thus making it even more attractive. If you're super lucky, your ancestors will be able to sell it at Christie's in 100 years for $3.6 billion dollars.

08 September, 2016

I got my husband a Stumptown subscription, so every 2 weeks we get a bag of different coffee beans delivered to our apartment, and we are enjoying the heck out of it. Last year I couldn't drink any coffee because I developed a caffeine intolerance. It super sucked. I totally gave up the stuff for about 7 months, but have carefully started up again, and so far so good.
Yay Coffee!!

I like these knitting bags from Erin Lane. Aren't they cute? They're on sale right now, yippee.

17 June, 2016

I've liked this song for a long time, something about it is really catchy for me...I hope you like it too!

Julius and I went to Portland's rose garden the other day to walk amongst the rows and rows of stunningly beautiful prize-winning blooms. All the different colors, sizes, scents, and shapes of roses that you could imagine. My favorite is when they grow in a cluster where if you broke off one branch you'd have an instant bouquet, but they were all gorgeous.

14 April, 2016

I discovered a new knitting vlog that I like. It's Sticks + Twine, hosted by Eric from Toronto. He has 15 episodes so far. He seems to be really involved in the community aspect of knitting, which I envy a bit. I really like the idea of KALs but haven't actually participated in one yet (I'm gonna take time to look for one right now and see what I find). Classes and groups aren't really my thing, but I definitely need to find more vlogs to watch, a few knitterly friends who live near me, and I would love to do a swap, which seems like the most awesome thing ever.

I opened an Etsy shop recently with my dear hubby! It's HaHaHandmade, and it barely has anything in there so far, but we are working on it, and it's been fun. I'm making some simple garter scarves right now for it, and Julius has a few more beaded things he's done that I just have to photograph and list. I just bought some cute address labels for shipping; it's for sure an enjoyable new hobby for us, woot!

So now, I.... collect lighters, small toys like domos and google androids, small round pins, perfume, bottlecaps, teas, board games, magic cards, knitted things, knitted socks especially, knitting needles and books and magazines and patterns, play Warcraft, and have an Etsy shop and blog. Phew. Keeping busy and entertained out here in Happy Valley!