23 January, 2014

Just got this yarn in the mail. It was from Eat Sleep Knit, and it's Cephalopod Yarn's Skinny Bugga in the 'Splendour Beetle' colorway. I'm looking forward to knitting up a colorful pair of socks with it ~
I had a knitting catastrophe a couple of weeks ago. I'd put in about 20 hours of work on a pink fingering weight wedding shawl from The Purl Bee. It was coming along nicely, until the yarn started breaking every couple of rows. When I investigated the ball, I saw a hole running straight through it. I threw that ball away, but after inspecting the shawl itself, I saw several threadbare stitches in it, and one of them fell apart just as I was staring at it. I couldn't imagine a way to fix it, so I threw the entire thing away. Very heartbreaking. It was either really crappy yarn, or I had accidentally weakened/stabbed it with my sharp little scissors while carrying it around in my bag to work, OR I had my first moth experience. I never got to the bottom of it, but anyway, grumble grumble. C'est La Vie.