14 April, 2016

I discovered a new knitting vlog that I like. It's Sticks + Twine, hosted by Eric from Toronto. He has 15 episodes so far. He seems to be really involved in the community aspect of knitting, which I envy a bit. I really like the idea of KALs but haven't actually participated in one yet (I'm gonna take time to look for one right now and see what I find). Classes and groups aren't really my thing, but I definitely need to find more vlogs to watch, a few knitterly friends who live near me, and I would love to do a swap, which seems like the most awesome thing ever.

I opened an Etsy shop recently with my dear hubby! It's HaHaHandmade, and it barely has anything in there so far, but we are working on it, and it's been fun. I'm making some simple garter scarves right now for it, and Julius has a few more beaded things he's done that I just have to photograph and list. I just bought some cute address labels for shipping; it's for sure an enjoyable new hobby for us, woot!

So now, I.... collect lighters, small toys like domos and google androids, small round pins, perfume, bottlecaps, teas, board games, magic cards, knitted things, knitted socks especially, knitting needles and books and magazines and patterns, play Warcraft, and have an Etsy shop and blog. Phew. Keeping busy and entertained out here in Happy Valley!