30 December, 2016

I've been thinking about sock heels alot lately. I want a mindless vanilla sock pattern for myself so that whenever I feel like picking up a pretty skein of yarn and busting out a sock super fast, I can do it. I have done short row wraps, but the fit isn't so great on me, closing the holes is a bit of a pain, and each side comes out slightly different. I was just watching the Arne & Carlos video on how Arne does his, but he did the purl pick-up side really fast. I think I got it, and will have to give it a try. Julia from The Happy Knitter podcast likes Fish Lips Kiss heels, and they do look nice. I bought the pattern, but was too lazy to try it since the directions were daunting and require you to make a cardboard cutout of your foot. I will though. Right now, I'm making afterthought heel socks since I finally learned how to kitchener, but I don't like the raglan decrease line that those make, and so I'm experimenting with different decreases like the 'wale deflection' one, or a psso one. If I come up with something good, I'll let you know. I love the garter short row heel, but, of course, it's in garter. I made a vanilla sock pattern where the entire back is purled to match it, but then it's not really vanilla. The German short-rows look interesting. The next pair I make, I'm gonna try it out using this video by the sockmatician.