11 January, 2017

learning some stuff

An update on my sockxperimentations!
I tried the Fish Lips Kiss heel finally and it's great. I wrote myself a vanilla recipe using it, and will most likely spend the next ten years making about 1000 pairs of them, lol. I really like the way the heel looks when another color is used on the second half...it makes a very neat line. There really aren't any holes, and the join to the main body of the sock is probably as seamless as they come. I had tried the German short row heel first, and I loved the way the extra stitches were made, and my sample looked very nice. However, when I made an actual sock using it, the holes turned out larger than in my sample, and the join to the main sock was NOT seamless...it was kinda messy. I could probably experiment more with it and come up with a way to make it work better, but since I now know the FLK heel, I don't think I'll bother.
I tried out the Arne & Carlos 'Perfect Heel'. It's very easy to knit, and my sample turned out 50% great. On the purl side where I close the gaps, everything came out wonderful. However, the knit side had giant holes and is bumming me out. Once I figure out a better way to close the holes on the knit side, it will probably be a winner for me.
Next on my heel knitting agenda is to try an afterthought heel using a modified star decrease, and to write myself a recipe for heel flap vanillas.