15 July, 2017

I recently found a new-to-me sock yarn company that is totally awesome. It's Lucky Violet color company and wow, the next time I need a skein, I'm gonna order it from there. I love every single colorway. 

In other knitting news, I have started to expand my project bag collection. Currently I only have one, and I love it, and carry it around with me everywhere. I got it from Robin's Roost on Etsy, and it is so well made and pretty. I ordered another bag from someone else, I don't remember who, and it was supposed to be a sock project bag, but when I got it, it was really really small. I was going to use it to hold lipsticks or something, but as of right now, it's sitting unused under the bathroom sink. I then tried getting another from Robin, and it was the same price as my other one, and labeled the same, 'medium project bag', but when I got it, it was 4 inches taller than my first one. Apparently, I am picky about the exact size and shape of my bags. Now I know. I prefer ones that are about 12 inches wide, 8 inches tall, don't balloon out at the top, and have a completely sewn in zipper. Also, it needs to be a bit darker so that it doesn't look dirty right away, and if it's a floral, all the better. I shopped around Etsy for another, and this time, before I bought it, I checked the measurements. It's a purple floral, yay! And I also have a drawstring sock project bag coming to me, in 2 shades of red floral. 

The next things I need are more drop spindles(I currently have one that I suck at using, lol), blocking boards/pins(I have zero blocking equipment right now), and a weaving loom! :)