15 May, 2014

Knitting Monogamy

Sooooo...I really wanna try to finish my old WIP's and just work on ONE THING AT A TIME! Or at least one big thing and a sock or two. I'm also trying oh so hard to take better photos so that I can post some of them to Ravelry. Right now, I have only a smattering of projects in there, and a few cruddy photos. I blame my camera, of course.
Besides my WIP's, I started 2 pairs of the Doppelganger socks, by verybusymonkey. I really need to buy a yarn winder/swift, because when I order yarn from far away places and it doesn't get wound for me, this is what happens. My sweety-pie is a keeper because he will cheerfully do things like cook dinner for me every night and wind impossibly tangled skeins of sock yarn into balls.
blurry action shot!

p.s. if your boyfriend is a sound engineer and he has to move his desk to do something, and you peek behind it, chances are it will look something like this. OMG. holy cables batman. So if I want to, I can aquire a huge yarn stash, and if he gives me crap for it I could just say.. "uuuuh, cables".