06 February, 2015

Little Cotton Rabbits

hi hi! Isn't this bunny the most adorable thing ever? Julie Williams sells the pattern, as well as equally cute boy and girl foxes, elephants, and mice HERE. Also, outfits to dress em all up in. Thanks Julie! You're awesome!

I also want to get a Barbie and try to knit her an outfit. This month's issue of Vogue Knitting visited with Barbara Walker, and she showed them her trunk full of 50 Barbies dressed up in outfits she knit for them. I wonder if Barbara has seen these little cotton rabbit patterns. Methinks she would LOVE them.

I am almost finished with these socks. The pattern works up fast, but I get bored with projects right at the very end, so they've been laying around my house for months begging for my attention. I love garter stitch short row heels! HERE is a good tutorial from The Knit Purl Hunter's blog on how to do it. It's very simple. Don't doubt that I'm a fan of simple techniques. It's true.