26 December, 2015

Normally, I knit in the living room, which is also where I keep most of my yarn and patterns and such, but I wanted a pretty spot just for knitting. I picked a corner and have begun to decorate it. I've always liked needlepoint pillows, so I added a kit (the kits are way cheaper than the finished pillows) to my Christmas list, and lo and behold, my in-laws got it for me! It's the 'Blooming Roses' kit from Ehrman Tapestry, designed by David Merry. I was excited, but I had always thought that needlepoint would be tedious to the extreme. But I got going on it, and to my surprise it's fun and easy! It's totally addictive! I've only been working on it for a day, and already have an entire rose done, as well as a large section of the background. I'll have an awesome knitting corner before I know it!