26 December, 2015

Normally, I knit in the living room, which is also where I keep most of my yarn and patterns and such, but I wanted a relaxing, pretty spot just for knitting. I picked a corner and have begun to decorate it. So far I've gotten an end table and a doily for it (yay Folksy), a pretty outlet cover, and an area rug. I am working on getting a cozy armchair and ottoman. Next I need more storage, and a pillow for the chair. I've always liked needlepoint pillows, but the ones I like are around $250, which is way above my pillow budget. So I added a needlepoint pillow kit (the kits are much cheaper than the finished pillows) to my Christmas list this year, and lo and behold, my husbands parents got it for me! It's the 'Blooming Roses' kit from Ehrman Tapestry, designed by David Merry. I was excited, but I had always thought that needlepoint would be tedious to the extreme. However, I got going on it, and to my surprise it's fun and easy! Each little section uses only about four colors, so you can separate out the ones you need, and stitch it up pretty easily. It's totally addictive! I've only been working on it for a day, and already have an entire rose done, as well as a large section of the background. I'll have an awesome knitting corner before I know it!