01 December, 2016

This Willem de Kooning painting just sold for $66.3 million at Christie's in NY.
Give me a break. That's the amount of money that a well paid electrical engineer would need 947 years of full time work to earn. Think of all the other ways that that money could have been used; It's such a crying shame. I love art. If I were wealthy, I would have an art collection for sure, but if the piece of art is just the equivalent of the artists signature, or a status symbol for some rich snob, what's the point? And when I looked up the history of Willem de Kooning, it wasn't anything too impressive. He was a grouchy alcoholic, married a much younger woman who he fought with all the time, hung out with alot of dudes that later became famous, and made a bunch of extremely ugly paintings. Bah.
If you like this painting, send me the super low price of $50,000 and I will paint you an exact copy. I have no art training, yet I feel confident in my ability to do this. I'll work on it 1 or 2 hours a night, and have it to you in less than a week. If you're lucky, I will spill something on it, thus making it even more attractive. If you're super lucky, your ancestors will be able to sell it at Christie's in 100 years for $3.6 billion dollars.