29 January, 2018

I want a favorite color!

Most of my favorite vloggers have one, but I seem to be all over the place.  One day I love neutrals, the next it's pastels or neon rainbow things. So I thought about it all day, which was fun, but I couldn't choose one absolute favorite color. I love neutrals, but not bright white. Also grey, but not enough to say it's my favorite. Same for navy, fuchsia and cranberry. Black is great for clothes or shoes, but unless it's charcoal, I don't want any black yarn. I love sky blue, but usually only with other colors. So here's what I was able to narrow it down to...
I love any type of heathered purple. But it HAS to be heathered. Bright cobalt blue. (My favorite coffee mug is a dark cobalt). Any shade of dusky pink or rose. I call it dusky but I don't know what the real term is. There's what I call seafoam(not the correct name); a grey-blue-slate-aqua color. There's what I call coral, but when I looked it up, once again I was wrong. The Pantone color of the year from 2015 was 'Marsala' and it's close to that. I'm partial to many shades of green, and I used to always say that it was my favorite color, but there are a bunch that I don't like, so it's on a case-by-case basis. And lastly, I enjoy a good mustard....color and condiment!